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When You're a Professional Pirate....You Don't Have to Wear a Suit...

So, how is everyone. I don't like having people angry with me so I am posting even though i don't have drag pics yet~!!!!! i assume we have all seen Connie and Carla???? Well, I watched it again recently, my big brother has been dying to see it, and ohhhh my goddess, Peaches is the sexiest thing alive *orgasm* well, in drag. when he's just normal he's really adorable an I wanna pinch his cheeks and go "Kyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!" so anywho, I'm moving into a new house and have decided to have my bedroom Cabaret themed, it'll be red and black and i'm getting a coat/hat rack thingie for my hats and boas. ^_^ and perhaps a poster of Liza??? ^_^ that's all for now. ciao *wave*
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