Stefanie (elenauial) wrote in cabaretmidnight,

All right, people don't post pictures nearly enough, so I'm going to do that. :-D

(Also posted in my own journal)

I found a CD, about a year and a half (?) old with a bunch of pictures of me and my friend Katie.

It's so much fun looking back on them.

The sad thing is though, I think I look prettier in these pictures than I do now.


Well, I thought I would share them though. They're so fun!

Before dressing up...I just thought this effect with the cards was cool...

Me, dressed up

Me and Katie

I was so totally gorgeous...what happened?

Katie's new look...which...she kind of looks like now. Only with shorter hair. lol.

AND! Fun poses!

I'm a dork.

Nice kitty....

I like this's artistic...

Shaddup any of you who play violin. I know I'm holding it wrong. But the picture does look cool.

And last, but not least, me being my ADORKABLE self. :-D

Woah...I just realized...I still have the zip up sweater. I wore it today. XD Haha, that's funny.

It is getting worn a little thin. lol.

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